About Me

About Me

profileHello!  I bought my first SLR sometime in the 2000s.  In May 2007, I took a B&W photography class at MICA where I learned darkroom processing and technical aspects of black & white photography.

Shortly afterwards, I bounced back and forth between Baltimore, MD and Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ for the next few years and loved to explore the canyons, mountains, forests, and wilderness of the Southwest, as well as the 300 days of sunshine per year :) I also met a few Phoenix area photographers who were very enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and experiences with me and participated in a few model shootout events where I learned how to use external lighting sources & studio lighting.

I enjoy photographing the little things in life in an outdoors-y or natural-light setting.

“Home” is currently Denver, CO, although I love to travel to interesting places.

If you’d like to discuss an idea for a shoot or interested in a portrait session, please call 720.456.9724 or email me.

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